This international conference, organized by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the Danish Steel Institute (DSI), is the 8th European Conference on Steel and Composite Structures to be held September 13-15 in Copenhagen 2017. The previous Eurosteel conferences have been in Athens (Greece, 1995), Prague (Czech Republic, 1999), Coimbra (Portugal, 2002), Maastricht (Holland, 2005), (Austria, 2008) , Budapest (Hungary, 2011) and Naples (Italy, 2014).

The Eurosteel Conferences are a European University organised activity focussing on the improvement of education through strengthening of the research work in the field of structural steel. There will be a strong focus on young researchers attending the Conferences.

The Conferences are expected to be organised every third year years on a non-commercial basis to be open and attractive to the entire structural steel community. The meetings of the Steering Committee are organised at each Eurosteel Conference by its Local Organiser to select the next place of the Conference, improve and upgrade of Eurosteel conference idea, and stress the co-operation with structural steel industry and ECCS.


Unique conference about the use of steel in modern day

As its predecessors, this conference provides a forum for discussion and dissemination by researchers and designers of the most recent advances in the analysis, behavior, design and construction of steel and composite structures.

The conference traditionally attracts participants representing both academia and industry from all parts of the world and they may enjoy the presentation of a great variety of papers in topic sessions. Invited lectures will give interesting key note presentations within in their field of expertise.